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The Region will run numerous courses through the duration of the year. The courses will be held in various locations across the Region. These will be rotated around the Region on an annual basis. Below is a list of the ones currently on the calendar. The venue of of the courses are detailed against each one.

Getting Started Courses - These are the responsibility of the District. Once you have your provisional warrant your Training Advise or ADC(Adult Training) should be in touch with you to start your training. If no-one gets to touch make contact with your ADC(AT) and they will be able to help you.

First Aid - First Response, the one day first aid course which is the minimum requirement for Module 10, is run by the ADC AT at least once a year. Please contact your ADC AT if you want the dates of the next First Response Course.

Group Scout Leaders - At the moment no course is planned to cover Modules 20 - 26. A number of Group Scout Leaders and Commissioners are currently doing Managing Together which covers module 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26.  Managing Together Part One is an online course and Part 2 is a one day course. The next Part 2 day is to be advised. You must have finished Part One before you can attend Part Two. If anyone is interested in signing up for this course please get in touch with Karen Paterson

Scottish Courses - As well as the courses run within the Region, the opportunity also exists for leaders to attend any training course anywhere in Scotland or at Gilwell.

Not sure what the modules are about - have a look at the Module Matrix. It explains which Modules apply to you as a Leader in your specific Role and gives a brief description.

The Training Team have found it necessary to impose a closing date for course applications to enable them to ensure that the necessary level of resources are available for those attending each course. Leaders should send their application to arrive at least 4 weeks before the course

Regional Training Newsletter

The Regional Training Team periodically issues a Training Diary. The latest edition is available here.

Applying for a Course

The generic Course Application form for the South West Regional Scout Council Courses can be downloaded on the link below. Print it off, complete the form for the course you wish to undertake and send the form to the Course Director. These can be found against the courses and the addresses are on the form. Please ensure you allow sufficient 4 weeks for the form to arrive before the closing date of the course.

Validating your Training

Just a reminder that once you have done the learning by attending a course or doing the module on line you must validate every module with your Training Adviser. It's fairly straightforward and something you should discuss with your training adviser who will be able to advise you. If you're not sure who your training adviser is just contact your Assistant District Commissioner Adult Training or Karen Paterson

For Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders there is a Leaders Training Guide which is designed to guide them through the training they need to complete the Wood Badge for their role. It is applicable to Scottish leaders to include variations that apply in Scotland.

For GSL's and Commissioners there is Managers and Supporters Guide to Training to guide them through the training they need to complete the Wood Badge for their role. It is applicable to Scottish leaders to include variations that apply in Scotland.

Both these guides can be found on the right hand side of Adult Training Page on the SHQ web site.


COST - Leaders should not have to pay for courses. The cost should be met by the group or, in some cases, the district. Districts will be billed for the cost of the course and they will then bill the groups as there is no need to send money with the application.

Download the Training Course Application Form here

Leader Module Training Courses.

Below are details of the current courses that are planned.

Contact your ADC (Adult Training) if you wish further information on these courses.

Don't know who your ADC (Adult Training) is?

Karen Paterson - Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training)

Colour coding for Module Course applicability
All Appointments Section Leaders and Sectional Supporters Managers, Sectional Supporters, Other Supporters Supplementary
01, 1E, 02, 05 - 10 03, 11, 12B - 19 04, 12B, 21, 23- 26 27 - 38
Check out the Module Matrix
Date Course Comments Location Last date for applications to be received.
Wednesday 11th January 2017
Module Validation Evening

6.30 - 9pm

Dumfriesshire - Venue to be confirmed.


Sunday 29th January 2017
Safeguarding Course


Galloway - inconjunction with District Gathering


Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th March 2017
Module 5 - The Fundamentals of Scouting
Module 6 - Changes in Scouting
Module 8 - Skills of leadership
Module 9 - Working with Adults
Module 11 - Administration
Module 12A - Delivering a Quality Programme
Module 12B - Programme Planning
Module 13 - Growing the Section
Module 14 - Supporting Young People
Module 15 - Promoting Positive Behaviour
Module 16 - Introduction to Residential Experiences
Module 17 - Running Safe Activities
Module 19 - International


Dumfries House, near Cumnock


Sunday 23rd April 2017
Safeguarding Course


37th Ayrshire, Kilmarnock


6th - 7th May 2017
Module 38 Skills for Residential Experience


St Ann's Campsite, neat Moffat


Activity Authorisations

Lochgoilhead are offering Hill walking assessment courses ( single day) and a Single Pitch and Abseilling assessment (Single day).

Check on line at the Scottish Scouting Web Site

Assessment applications must be lodged with DC's prior to making arrangement with Lochgoilhead.

Assessments are also available from Glenmore Lodge at Aviemore, Auchengillian, Bonaly and Meggerine. Check with your DC and/or the Region Activity Advisor before committing to these courses.

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